Atlantic Health Sports Medicine Series: Concussions Part 1

Over the last couple of newsletters, we have discussed a couple of injuries that are very common in the world of sports…ankle and hamstring injuries. Not only are these ailments common but for the most part, they are easy to diagnose, treat and don’t have any long term effects. We see it all the time. A basketball player rolls their ankle in one game, gets it wrapped and is back on the hard wood after a couple of weeks. Same goes for hamstring injuries. A sprinter explodes out of the blocks and clutches their hamstring after 30 or 40 yards, then proceeds to miss 6-8 weeks of meets and practices in most cases.

However, not all injuries are as noticeable when they happen or can be treated with ice, an ace bandage, crutches and some rest. In our Atlantic Health Sports Medicine Series, we will be tackling one of these ailments we have been hearing a great deal about over the last couple of years…Concussions. Over the next 2 months, with help from Dr. Damion Martins, Medical Director of Atlantic Sports Health and Team Physician for the New York Jets, we will be talking about the warning signs of possible concussions, how they can be diagnosed and what can be done to treat them. The best way to avoid and manage concussion is through education, so I encourage everyone out there to learn more about this topic and watch this series over the next couple of months.